Little Tractor for Big Jobs

Harman is a compact mini-tractor designed for use in small fields, big gardens or vineyards. The design brings a new perspective to small tractors that despite their small size, are able to handle great works. To do this, the vehicle was designed with 2 tracks that lead to 1 exit on the body instead of wheels, which made the vehicle fast and small. These tracks absorb impact with a specialized damper system, enabling the driver to work with the utmost comfort. The track structure also makes it possible for the vehicle can be controlled with a joystick instead of a wheel.

The working part of the vehicle exists primarily at the back of the body. The chasis’ front is heavier then the back to balance the weight. The vehicle’s total weight is 60% on the front without its additions and 50% when its loaded or with additions.

Designer: Sinan Anayurt