INMO Air2 smart AR wireless glasses are posed as the Apple Vision Pro’s affordable option

Augmented reality is the future of how we interact with our gadgets, and the surprise launch of Apple Vision Pro is a testament to this fact. While VR headsets come with a grave disadvantage of being bulky and ridden with wired connections, smart glasses seem to nullify this ergonomic disadvantage with their sleek design and aesthetics.

The BMW ConnectedRide glasses for safe motoring; or the mainstream AR glasses like Razer Anzu, Rokid Air and Ray-Ban Stories are good references of where we are headed to. Now Air2 AR wireless glasses by Shenzen-based company INMO wants to change the dynamics of what smart glasses should be, and how users interact with them. All this at an affordable price tag that should interest you!

Designer: INMO

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The frames of these smart glasses are a bit thick for a retro appeal and the overall build quality is nice. Weighting less than 100 grams courtesy of the plastic and aluminum material, these smart glasses do look well built. This is a very important attribute since we are talking about a long duration of use without compromising comfort in practical circumstances.

Under those seemingly normal pair of glasses is a micro-OLED display (640×400 pixels) that feels like a floating projector screen to the user. This makes them good for watching video content but they aren’t preferred for text content like reading blog articles. That said, the content can be navigated with touch gestures on the arms and for other controls there are two buttons below them. There are two speakers that beam audio downwards for crisp audio delivery but can be a tad loud to disturb others in your vicinity. INMO has also fitted a low-resolution camera that isn’t great, so we’ll take a skip.

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Screen Mirroring: Watch Anything

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ChatGPT Intelligent Assistant

Talking of the specifications the Air2 wireless glasses have a four-core 1.8GHz ZiGuang ZhanRui AI chip, mated to 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. The glasses also get cellular connectivity, GPS and Bluetooth 5.0 for more options. On a single full charge of around two hours (pretty long duration), the smart glasses last about 70-120 minutes and if you keep the media consumption down to normal you can extract some more time from the 500mAh battery.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $799 (25% off). Only 31 of 300 left. Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!