3 Peas in a Charge


As useful as multi-tap power extensions might be, they will inevitably leave your wires a mess and your aesthetic a total wreck! The Arrangement PEA offers one simple solution for tidying up cables directly on the unit.

While the base is made from hard plastic, the cap covers are made with a malleable silicon material that can be easily flipped and inverted. To use the Arrangement PEA, simply flip the cover upwards to expose a spool – then, wind the wire around the spool before flipping the cover back into its original state. The wires will be hidden and kept clear of the surrounding area!

Arrangement PEA is a 2015 Red Dot Award winner.

Designers: Prof. Baek Junghoon, Prof. Lim Min Taek, Kim Mina, Hwang Ki-nam, Choi Su-im, Yang Seung-hyeon