The Human Ambulance Bag

Any mountaineers here? You guys will agree that mountain-climbing related injuries are the absolute worst. Not only are you completely cut off from civilization, the terrain makes it impossible for medical assistance to reach you in time. That’s where the entire idea of St. Bernards in the mountains came in. However, man’s figured out a way of stepping effectively into this equation, carrying relief to the person in need, oftentimes even escorting them back to the base. The Portable Rescue Bag is a piece of design intervention that allows the human to become an ambulance of sorts. The Bag has four modes of use in which it can be used to carry supplies (medicine, kits, apparatuses) as well as humans, and in dire scenarios, both. Kudos to the design team for making this potential life-saver!

The Portable Rescue Backpack is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015.

Designers: Zhong Huimin, Chen Xusheng, Ye Hailong, Xu Ziyan, Shen Hongcai, Lin Liangzhao, Zhao Zijun & Mo Yongli.