The right kind of wall!


If you want to fully understand laundry woes, live the bachelor life. I’ve got like ten items of clothing in total and when I run a wash, I’d like to finish washing them all at once. Which means my woolens, whites, jeans, and colored clothes all have their little weekly pool party. My whites are this warm grey, my woolens look like ‘smelly cat’ and my regular clothes just about look like clothes. Split washer sounds like something a bachelor would make. Its drum has the ability to accommodate slide-in ridges that compartmentalize your clothes within the same drum. The system currently allows us to make three partitions to wash three types of clothes at the same time, which is more than enough for someone with barely 3 categories of clothes… because running three wash cycles isn’t just something a lazy/environment-loving bachelor would like to do!

Designer: Wanki Kim