Only My Personal Space

Atmos is a must-have desk for those who prefer their own personal space in a crowded office or dorm. The design takes inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic structures and Do Ho Suh’s fabric cladding sculptures. What I love about the desk is the cozy enclosure and private space that it creates. It works better than cubicles and monolithic room dividers. Researchers too agree that a personal haven reduces stress and anxiety amongst workers and students.

To keep it enterprising, the Atmos uses translucent fabric and geometric science of triangles create an organic sphere of diffused light that spreads illumination evenly on top of the work surface. This even makes it look more spacious. Atmos can be designed using different fabrics to customize according to user’s specific needs as well as LED color lighting for establishing mood-setting environments.

Designer: Jeremy Lee


  • Jeremy Lee says:

    Hello, my sincere thanks for posting Atmos on Yanko! For more information and in depth coverage of my work, you may visit my website (under development of course!)at!

  • gebril says:

    Why would you block off that beautiful view though. I would only use this space if I had no windows around me.

  • Jeremy Lee says:

    Noted, the design is for spaces that are packed with people. However, glare from windows is also a contributing factor to productivity loss.

  • Александр says:

    + При искусственном освещении, правильно распределяется свет и количество ватт необходимо значительно меньше.

    + With artificial light, the light is distributed properly and the number of watts should be significantly less.

  • aws, as car designer I entered only for this, just one thought, make it in everything ‘cept glass, even in panels but I fear glass(weight)

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