Locker Logic

Public lockers are particularly useful for passengers at airports and train stations, but the one-size-fits-all model needs some improvement! There’s no sense in paying the same amount for storing a small article as a much larger package and it wastes valuable space. That’s the idea behind the 1 for 2 Public Locker. You only pay for what you use!

Users adjust the dividing board in the locker by sliding it up and down to get the ideal volume or price to pay. A panel on the handle of the locker will display different colors, each indicating how much space is still available. A green panel and a hand icon signal that the current user can freely adjust the volume they need. When the panel displays yellow, it means that part of the locker has been used. When the panel shines red with a lock icon, it means that the locker has no available volume. Now, users can choose the the locker that best suits their needs and budget!

Designer: Chung Hsueh-Wei