Lock, meet latch.


The simplest way to describe a door lock is an obstruction that prevents the door from opening. We’ve made them much more advanced with time, but simply put, anything preventing the door from opening is theoretically a lock. Back in the day, we would have wooden beams or metal rods barricading doors shut, later to be followed by mechanical locks, then combination locks, and lastly biometric locks. The Door Lock concept brings the simplest and most effective locking technique back. It works like a mechanical lock (with a key), but the vertical handles also swivel around an axis to become horizontal and barricade the door shut. The only way to make the handles vertical again is with the key, that goes into the keyhole at the end of the handle. Simple, and pretty effective, no?

The Door Lock is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2016.

Designers: Lorenzo Lee and kʌ’loka. K.