Portable plug-and-play 3D printer lets you print without much complications

3D printing is something that is interesting and useful for a lot of industries although it’s still basically in the early stages. One thing that’s probably stopping people from embracing this technology is that it seems pretty complicated and not user-friendly. Most printers require a certain kind of technical knowledge so those who don’t have this are already ruled out. What if there was a printer that would do away with all that and let “ordinary” users enjoy the joys of 3D printing?

Designer: KOKONI

The KOKONI EC2 is one such printer which will let 3D printing enthusiasts use a plug-and-play kind of entry-level smart 3D printer. Despite its advanced features, it is still pretty accessible enough for children and newbies, not to mention pretty affordable. You don’t even need advanced software skills to be able to print the things you want to print. It has AI-generated design capabilities and there are also over 2000 designs to choose from (and they update it weekly so you’ll get more).

The portable 3D printer actually looks like a toy oven with its compact design and color options (apple green, orange, and white). It has a 720p camera so you will be able to see the printing process and even create time-lapse videos from there. You also get an upgraded printing speed so you’ll be able to print something in under 20 minutes if you’re using the simpler designs. You can connect the printer to the KOKONI 3D app so you don’t need a computer to be able to use it.

I never thought I would consider getting a 3D printer given the complicated nature of most of the machines available in the market. But this one that weighs just 3.2 kg and is 189 x 302 x 231 mm small is something you can consider if you’re looking to complete DIY projects for your home or work. Well, that is, if you have $349 to spare.