Egg-cellent Egg-xecution!


Why bring modularity to complicated things like phones and furniture when egg trays need it the most?! The Dot Line egg tray has a unique structure that is accompanied by the fact that it has a dotted tear-away line running like a grid, separating eggs. Not only does this make it easier to purchase an irregular number of eggs (blessing in disguise), but it also allows you to optimize how you store them based on the availability of space. Apartments are getting cramped, with the population boom and all, and we’re running out of space for eggs in our life (drama alert)! Dot Line allows us to lay out eggs in a way that helps make optimal usage of free space. Plus the fact that the egg units can be stacked vertically is just a double whammy!

Dot Line Egg Tray is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2015

Designers: Prof. Baek Junghoon, Prof. Lim Min Taek, Son Chan Hyun, Park Dasol, Lee Eunsol, Lee Jeong Chun, Jeong Bae Sik & Hong Seong Hyeon.