This Pen and Paper-clip hybrid is such a smart way of keeping your stationery and sheets together!

What if your pen was also a binder? Sounds like a weird question, but when you feast your eyes on The Clip-Pen, you’re bound to wonder why nobody thought of this yet! The Clip-Pen by Foxtail Gihawoo combines the traditional ballpoint pen with the even-more-traditional paper clip. The metal clip finds itself located on the pen-cap, where you’d normally see the cap’s pocket clip, creating a fusion that may seem weirdly clever at first, until weirdness wears right off and just feels like a good idea!

The Clip-Pen retains its original functionality (of being able to be clipped to a pocket), but is capable of much more. You could use it to keep your pen and papers together, or just use the cap to hold your sheets while the ballpoint pen sits in your pen-stand. Heck, you could even use it as a makeshift bookmark, or even stick googly eyes on it to make it look like Clippy has a ‘Pen Pal’! (Not my best joke, but then again, office humor isn’t my forté)

Just maybe don’t use it to pick locks, okay?

Designer: Gihawoo Design