Your Customizable Swag-Bag

UPDATE: The Anson Calder bags have expanded their swag with their series of Reinforced Nylon fabric bags! No matter what your style is, Anson Calder has you covered!

Imagine this. You’re headed for work. You’ve got this dashing suit on, but it’s got a problem. The blazer droops at the shoulders. The breast pocket is too small for your phone… and the buttons look cool, but there’s just one set of them. However, the fabric of the suit is pretty awesome. You’d still think a bunch of times before wearing something that’s designed only to “look good”, right? Then why would you choose a briefcase or a bag that is just easy on the eyes and not tailor-made to your needs?

Anson Calder’s new line of bags and cases handles modularity beautifully and it’s probably the first and only bag to do so. There are five different aesthetic/size variants allowing you to gracefully swing between work and casual. Within the bag, is a carefully planned layout of items you’ll need to carry. The layout has been calibrated to accommodate all your everyday must-haves and no matter what style of bag you choose, the layout is adaptive, which means your items fit snugly!

The Anson Calder bags are bespoke, in the sense that when you buy the bag, you get to choose what you want and how you want it. The idea of a bag isn’t driven by “a space to store all your belongings”. With Anson Calder, the idea is rephrased, to read “a unity of spaces, expertly built for each of your belongings.”. Since needs and requirements change from day to day, Anson Calder has an individual storage for each item. Based on what you need, and when you need it, these individual storage units attach to an outer bag. These units accommodate all your necessities, from your gadgets, to wallet, to even travel storage (courtesy Humangear) and an umbrella (thoughtful, no?). Larger bags store all the units within them, whereas express attache bags can fit immediate requirements. Even when you don’t need/want the outer bag, you can carry an individual item in its bespoke case, allowing you to have a unified style across all your storage.

The Anson Calder bag system boasts of being adaptive and stylish at the same time, giving you the power to design your perfect bag, and look effortlessly brilliant with it, no matter what!

Designer: Anson Calder [ BUY IT HERE ]

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