For Imaging On the Go


Having personally experienced an injury the past year, I can say that having to make a trip to get a scan in a huge machine was both inconvenient as well as super painful – almost more than the injury itself. That’s why I need to tell you about this amazing design idea by Madison, Wisconsin’s own Phillip Stankard.

Here enters, Treo, Advanced Mobile Imaging. This mobile device can easily wrap around the injured extremity to get a quick three-dimensional scan or can be laid flat for a two-dimensional scan which can be uploaded to the app for a review. Each Treo includes a soft imaging detector pad.

With Treo’s 3D imaging, the injured body part can be viewed as a 3D Volume due to the 180 degree flexible curved imaging emitters. Professionals can view the three scan later – hard tissue, soft tissue as well as fluids which can be exported for 3D printing. With the mobile app interface, it uses gestures commands to be be manipulated on the viewing surface.

Professionals can now use this more convenient mobile device to benefit patients with a quick and reliable diagnosis that helps get recovery on the way. Billing is also easier due to the optional credit card reader that is available. Treo is great for professionals to use in office, or even as they respond to an emergency situation outside of hospitals or clinics. I sure could have used this a year ago.

Designer: Philip Stankard