Don’t Let Your Camping Go Up In Flames


When you’re camping, all it takes is a few forgotten embers from the campfire to turn your dream getaway into a total nightmare! Each year, tents and campers’ belongings go up in flames because of fire mishaps.

Similar to an integrated indoor fire sprinkler system, the Campinguard was designed to combat these disaster situations. It’s a light, a fire alarm device and an automatic fire extinguishing system in one. If a fire occurs in a tent, the fire detection alarm will sound, the LED lights are turned on and an extinguishing liquid will be dispensed to extinguish the fire. Campers can simply hang it in their tent and rest assured that they and their belongings will be safe and sound!

Campinguard is a 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designers: Kim Beomsu, Lee Minjin, & Kim Misun