A Phone Case with Correct Priorities!

Of late, the phone case has stopped being about simply casing a phone. There’s a lot that phone cases can do nowadays. Most come with extendable batteries, or storage, some with extra powerful flashlights, etc. However most of these are simply extensions of features our phones already have. The Flip It case adds stuff to the phone case that we don’t have, and desperately need. The robust case boasts of a built-in extendable selfie stick that stretches as far as 2 feet (56cm). Within the selfie stick handle is a trigger that clicks your photo. The nifty bit however is that the trigger remote is detachable, allowing you to keep the phone at a distance and snap away… remotely! There’s also a kickstand built into the phone for when you need to use the remote. Simply prop the device up, and click pictures on command!

The crazy thing is that all this fits inside one case! Most cases would come with the ability to snap on a selfie stick, or a separate trigger remote (which would need batteries and charging. ugh.). The Flip It case has all that built in! And hey, it also does a pretty good job protecting your phone from thuds and thumps!

Buy It Here: $34.99 $49.00