Someone FINALLY designed a flexible spray bottle that can be used even while it’s tilted

The worst design problems are the ones we force ourselves to ignore. The to-go cup lids that almost always pop off because they’re so thin and flexible. Those tiny triangles of plastic that you have to snip off every time you open a plastic bag. Ballpoint pens that you need to always use on a horizontal surface because they stop working when you write on a tilted or vertical surface. Problems that we faced 20 years ago and still face even today because nobody bothered to solve them. Spray bottles fall into that category too. It’s nearly impossible to use one properly. Tilt them slightly and you end up spraying air instead of liquid – a problem that only gets worse as the liquid level inside the spray bottle gets lower.

The spray bottle or the atomizer has been around for ages. You use it for perfumes, all-purpose cleaners, liquid soap, disinfectants, watering plants, etc. The problem with the spray bottle’s a pretty small one, but considering how ubiquitous spray bottles are, that multiplies the problem. The bottle relies on a tube that pulls liquid from the base… the issue arises when you tilt the bottle, lifting the base up. The tube now sits above the level of liquid and you now have air entering the tube instead, which really defeats the purpose when you’re trying to spray cleaning liquid on a difficult-to-reach surface like under your sink… unless the bottle’s base always faces down no matter how you angle the bottle. Meet PIVOT, an absolutely genius spray-bottle design with a 180° pivoting hinge between the handle and the bottle. Tilt PIVOT in any direction and only the nozzle tilts, keeping the bottle vertical. This allows you to spray anywhere without worrying about the spray not working, as well as straining your wrists as you lift or tilt heavy spray bottles.

PIVOT is a great example of how a small design detail can create a massively better product experience. The 180° pivot ensures you can practically tilt the bottle any way you want and its lower container always stays vertical. As a result, not only does PIVOT’s bottle allow you to spray in any direction with no air bubbles entering the spray tube, but it also ensures your product never gets wasted. Since the bottle’s always vertical (thanks to gravity), the tube within PIVOT can pick up every single last drop, ensuring your cleaning product is used to its very last spray… a feature that isn’t just cost-efficient, it’s environmentally conscious too, because you’re using up every drop of your chemical cleaning agent instead of throwing it out because your spray bottle can’t pick it up.

While being more effective and comfortable to use, the pivoting system on the bottle also acts as a safety feature. It allows the nozzle to fold inwards, preventing it from accidentally being sprayed or primed. A secondary lock near the pivot provides an additional layer of protection, preventing children from being able to use the bottle and keeping them safe from the chemicals within. In fact, it occupies a smaller vertical footprint when folded too (saving roughly 30% of space), allowing you to easily stash it within cabinets and even making it more efficient during shipping. Each PIVOT bottle comes with a 34 oz capacity (1 liter) and sports a rugged HDPE bottle and an industrial-grade Polypropylene sprayer. It’s designed to work with a wide host of spraying liquids, from domestic disinfectants and soaps to even harsh cleaning chemicals, and it’s built to last longer than most spray bottles, helping curb plastic waste in the long run. Besides, it’s practically the only spray bottle that will literally ‘bend over backward’ to try and be more useful and functional!

Designers: Brad Forrest & Tom Perelli

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PIVOT – The Spray Bottle Reinvented

PIVOT is the first spray bottle with a pivoting trigger sprayer that allows you to spray at any angle until the last drop.

PIVOT’s patented pivoting trigger sprayer freely pivots 180º while the bottle remains in a level orientation during use, maintaining perfect flow at any angle.

A robust, reliable and reusable spray bottle that could easily be used around the house or on the job.

Spray at an Angle

Larry Kosilla, Founder of AMMO NYC and creator of Drive + Protect talk about PIVOT.

Sustainability Benefits

If every household in the US alone replaced its all-purpose cleaner with a non-disposable, homemade version, we could potentially eliminate the need for over a BILLION plastic spray bottles per year.

Features & Benefits

The compact size of PIVOT’s overall footprint can increase transportation payloads and retail shelf space by roughly 30% when compared to ordinary 32oz spray bottles.

PIVOT at Work

Click Here to Buy Now: Two for $22 $30 (26% off).