Beyond a Balloon


I still have a photo of myself at 2 years old in the hospital with a broken leg and a big smile on my face! What could I have possibly been smiling at? Balloons my grandma brought me! There’s a reason they make their way to many hospital bedsides and that’s because they bring joy to people… especially kids!

The Infusion Balloon was designed with this in mind and merges the idea with IV therapy. For little ones, it makes the IV process less scary while providing something to smile about. For caretakers, the design gives an indication when the infusion liquid is near completion by rising (it’s filled with helium) as liquid runs out. After treatment, the infusion bag can be removed and a built-in balloon string pulled out to make it a real balloon as a souvenir for the child!

Infusion Balloon is a 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designers: Cui Zehao, Ning Lei, Zhang Xinbo, Ren Chenchao, & Jiang Dongqi