Now Cube This

Hello to you all fans of the epic proportions of the cube. Actually they’re quite regular, aren’t they? Yes. Well, this isn’t. This is totally squaretastic, yet it’s definitely irregular. All sorts of combinations of square stackables put together to make one tower for all! A lamp by the name of “Rubic!” I wonder if you can peg the source of the name on the donkey. I’ll give you a hint – it’s got nothing to with A Clockwork Orange.

There is a toy company called Kubrick, and they definitely ARE giving love to the thought of the famous film director. This lamp we’re talking about NOW though, it’s made to look like a different cube. How stacked can you get? Would you, the speedy cube spinner, be apt to have such a light-giver in your rest-giver? By that I mean living room? Lampsa lamp!

Designer: Paratoner

Rubic Lamp by Erdem Keskin of Paratoner