Perfectly Imperfect


What could a ruler, light, and watch possibly have in common? In this case, the answer is IMPERFECTION! The “Reasonable Imperfection” collection of common objects explores the uncommon connection (and surprising functionality) of being imperfect.

Take the light for example – it’s absolutely irregular to our preconceptions about a what a light bulb should be. However, the “slice” taken from an otherwise suitable shape actually makes it more functional. Now, with the cut out section, it can be placed stably on any surface without any external assistance.

As for the watch, the perception is that it runs regularly by mechanical movement. However, what we feel is often different. Sometimes it runs slower or faster, influenced by situations and moods. This watch lets you feel this difference with a bezel which is not concentric. By turning the bezel in the position you want, you can dictate the time (at least visually).

Last but not least… the ruler. A ruler is normally straight, parallel and perpendicular. But in many cases, it is used to create imperfect divisions to a flat plain paper by improvised strokes. This skewed ruler helps to divide a rectangular with slanted lines, creating imperfection by using imperfection.

Designer: JungHoon Lee, Dongkyu Lee, Hwayoung Seo (Twelvemonthly)