Fight Fire with Safety


Personally, safety is much more important to me than any other instinct. Survival first, fittest later, if you get what I mean. Which is why the Safety iQ Saver Emergency Breath System is something I advocate every home have, even before owning a Fire Extinguisher. The Saver Emergency Breath System is a face-fitting device that purifies dense, smoky air, allowing you to safely reach a secure location, away from danger. More than just being a mask, the Saver is a complete set of air filters that can provide pure, breathable air for 5 minutes, while it takes only 5 seconds to put on. It comes with a nose-clip too, to prevent accidental nasal inhalation of smoke. Its small size means you can literally carry one around in a bag, being prepared for when you may, or someone else may need it in a time of emergency. Isn’t that just wonderfully innovative?

Designer: Corey Koffler

Buy It Here: $137.99 $189.00