Your Phone’s Iron-man suit


Let’s face it. Your power bank is nothing but a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for your phone. It, however, can be so much more. The modern smartphone faces two main problems. Battery shortage, and memory shortage. The Bricwave Xpress-PRO is a first-of-its-kind device to solve both those problems.

More than just a UPS for that 6-inch computer in your pocket, the Xpress-PRO empowers your phone by not only providing it with a battery back-up, but also allowing you to store data on it. Think of it as the reason you won’t need to buy another phone or another peripheral for your phone. The device flaunts a beautiful analog switch on the front face. Flip it one way to activate the charging mode, and the other way to make the Xpress-PRO an external storage device that can not just be used by your phone, but by your personal computer too! The gadget houses two cables and connectors that allow you to connect it to both your smartphone as well as your computer. While in Power mode, the Xpress-PRO gets charged while simultaneously charging your smart device. In Memory mode, it acts as a bridge for data between your phone and PC.

The Xpress-PRO comes with an internal memory between 32 – 256Gb, and a choice of battery between 1500 and 3500 mAh, enough to cover all your extra data and juice needs. The CNC machined Aluminum case complements the slick design of your smartphone, while securely and beautifully housing both USB and Lightning connector cables. The Rotating Switch on the upper corner just indulges the analog lover in me, living in a touchscreen era. The all-in-one device also comes with a bundled app, allowing you to have complete control over the data you store in its built-in hard disk. In short, while the Bricwave Xpress-PRO is definitely a heaven-sent in today’s data and battery deficient world, it doesn’t stop at that. It’s also a beautiful, well bundled solution to our tech-problems!

YD Awesomeness Index: As awesome as Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton in 4K!

Buy It Here: $69.00 $129.00. Limited to 100.