If Jigsaw met Electronics


Honestly, I’ve seen so many extension box designs on Yanko, I’m probably immune to them now. However, when you see an actual, functioning product that borders on futuristic desin, yet still exists, it’s a different feeling altogether. The Stacked looks like something out of a student project, but every bit of it is true. It consists of modular units that can be plugged, unplugged, interchanged, and even alternated, to create a truly functional extension box for your power cables. The units make clever use of the 1/4th inch audio jack (seen in electric guitar cables) to lock units together securely, while also allowing power transfer. The jacks being circular also allow you to rotate modules in case you’re stuck with two large plugs that don’t fit beside each other (Macbook charger plug, I’m looking at you)… And yes, they come with USB ports too, so that’s one prayer god finally answered!

Designer: Stacked