The Ultimate Running Machine


The latest from BMW Group’s Designworks, the X-CAT DISC is an athletic fashion statement that takes inspiration from the legendary GINA Light Concept car. GINA stands for “Geometry/Function In Adaptions” and this athletic shoe holds true to that idea.

The car sported a seamless, flexible, fabric outer shell stretched over a movable substructure, and the shoe utilizes the same innovative material. Instead of using laces, this system works with a rotating disc that pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe. Using only one thin layer of stretchable and super-light GINA material, the shoe wraps around the foot like a second skin. Additional seams are no longer necessary and dynamic movement feels very natural.

Another design cue taken from the original GINA concept is the functional aesthetic of revealing the underlying structure when tightening the shoe. The designers also re- thought the concept for the sole and the Puma DISC, applying BMW engineering approaches to add greater precision. They viewed the sole as the engine of the foot, the driver of movement. This produced a unique design which was inspired by interconnecting gears and integrates both engineered flexibility and interlinked stability.

Get your hands on the X-CAT DISC starting July 1st in a limited selection of Puma stores across the world!

Designer: Designworks