Portable sanitizer bottle comes with a UV chamber to store/disinfect your face mask

Designed to cover the important bases, the SaniCase holds/disinfects your face mask, and even dispenses hand-sanitizer, all in a product that’s roughly the size of a roll of quarters.

Milan-based Salvo Lo Cascio designed the SaniCase as a response to a common problem he saw with people who wore masks. During brief intervals when they took their mask off to eat or drink, they’d often end up putting their masks on tables, armrests, or back in their pockets along with their phone and keys. Designed to give people a place to safely store their masks when not in use, the SaniCase comes with a cylindrical compartment lined with UV-C lights on the inside. When you don’t need the mask, just slip it into its protective casing and it’ll get sanitized too. Speaking of which, the base of the SaniCase even has a push-to-deploy hand-sanitizer bottle on it, allowing you to periodically clean your hands too. By helping disinfect your hands as well as your face-mask, the SaniCase covers all the critical areas to prevent germs from accidentally entering your system. Besides, its portable avatar and optional lanyard make it really easy to carry around with you!

Salvo Lo Cascio developed the SaniCase as a concept to address a common problem, but the designer is now working with vendors, producers, and partners to help bring his idea to life!

Designer: Salvo Lo Cascio