Light reading!


Good design is as little design as possible, says the design stalwart Dieter Rams. The Light Bookmark goes to show that sometimes the idea takes a center-stage, while aesthetic embellishment goes down to an absolute minimum, resulting in good design that’s solely driven by the good idea.

Not compromising on thickness, the Light Bookmark is a slick looking flexible PCB bookmark that can light up to make your reading easier. All you do is fold the bookmark so that the ends meet, and put a cell battery between them. The impregnated LEDs instantly light up, giving you a super-minimal makeshift lamp (that kind of looks like a bulb too, in its bent avatar!).

The Light Bookmark, if mass produced, could also work beautifully as portable emergency lighting for people with no access to a phone flashlight. Brilliant! Literally!

Designer: Kyouei Design