Weather Or Not

It’s one thing to READ the weather and something entirely different to FEEL it. That’s the idea behind Dandelion, named after the flower signal for springtime. Soft “spores” on top of the unit let your fingers detect the temperature/wind strength by haptic experience.

Like your smartphone, Dandelion receives the temperature and wind strength information by wireless connection but differs in that it transfers that info into tactile feedback. The fan blowing below the spores controls the wind strength. When the spores shake more, it means the wind outside is stronger.

The heating/cooling module inside mimics the external temperature of the wind along with ambient lighting that changes colors visually emphasize the temp. By gently touching the spores, you can feel the breeze/temperature outside and choose your wardrobe accordingly!

Designer: JungHoon Lee, Dongkyu Lee (Twelvemonthly)