Bye, Bye Bacteria


Think your hanging towel is clean because you only use it after you’ve rinsed off? Think again! That moist material (and your humid bathroom) is a perfect habitat for microscopic bacteria that can smell or even worse irritate your skin. As its name suggests, the UV Bar is a twist on the classic design that introduces a built-in UV light to kill bacteria you can’t see with the naked eye.

When resting on the towel rack, the UV Bar sterilizes wet towels for reuse. Better yet, you can remove the bar itself, arm the light, and use it to sterilize other areas of the bathroom where gross bacteria may be lurking. Never worry about charging either! The hard-wired rack instantly charges the bar when it’s hung in place.

UV Bar is a Red Dot Concept Award Winner.

Designer: Ham Hyungsun, Lee Hyunmyung, & Lee Soyoung