Care for a Cup of Tea


In the busy world we live in, we rush around for food, for work, with our noses in our devices, we don’t take the time to stop and relate and enjoy the world around us. Im a tea drinker, and every morning, I turn on the kettle, grab my cup and a tea bag and get ready to start my day – but am I being mindful of my morning routine? Not so much.

Lithuanian tea laboratory, T-LAB is a project that brings us back to the days of growing our own herbs used in our favorite teas and moves us away from our normal, everyday, fast routines. You can learn about the herbs which benefit and heal our bodies and grow them and make them into your favorite teas. The idea is to teach about ancient Lithuanian traditions, being more mindful of our moments throughout the day as well as learn how to care and nourish our bodies, all while combining an industrial, modern design.

T-LAB has its own very unique tea making accessories such as Herb holders, scissors, and tweezers and spoons made from a Lithuanian favorite – Rye Bread which traditionally is placed in the hot tea then eaten. The Tea Cups are eco-friendly and made from paper and molded together by natural beeswax which is tasteless, but produces a sweet, floral scent.

Designer: Agne Vysniauskaite