Limited Edition Post Malone Backbone One Controller in translucent green

If Post Malone’s music sets the tone for your day, then you need to know that he is a passionate gamer too. Yes, the acclaimed songwriter and rapper has many chart-breaking performances under his belt, and he’s stopping at nothing. During his busy schedule, the star finds it difficult to game on a PC setup but makes up for that with his mobile games.

Backbone One is his favored controller choice for whenever he can find time and the team at Backbone acknowledges this fact. That’s the reason they’ve released Limited Edition Post Malone Controller. The accessory for mobile gamers will satisfy your gaming needs while having a deep connection with your favorite singer. Only 500 gamepads will be sold for $199, launching June 25 exclusively on their website, so you better mark the date.

Designer: Backbone

Post is mostly touring in his tight schedule and he found this collaboration request to be what his heart desired. He can bring his gaming to the road while traveling and the exclusive gaming controller based on the Backbone One is developed with inputs from him. The design bears a direct influence sporting his favorite color – 90s green done in a semi-transparent theme that looks stunning. The D-pad and the face buttons also get a facelift in an aluminum finish with the icons laser etched. When you’ll be gaming in the dark, the glow-in-the-dark Post Malone logo makes this one even a sweeter deal.

According to Backbone CEO Maneet Khaira, “The fusion of Post Malone’s renowned brand and his genuine passion for gaming with the category-defining Backbone platform felt like a perfect match.” The normal Backbone One controller for Android, iPhone and PlayStation costs $99 and this version is $100 more. Would you want to spend that amount, depends solely on your affinity towards Post Malone and this cool color theme.