Don’t Settle for Any Other Kettle

Some products are just born to excel. The Stagg Kettle is one of them. Designed in a way that it looks like it knows what it’s doing, the Stagg has elegance with a splash of confidence. Its unusual design comes backed by functionality, making it one amazing kettle. The spout is narrow, allowing one to control how much one pours. In a way, it mimics an espresso machine, making the act of pouring coffee feel really familiar. The handle comes with a hollow design and with a dead-weight inside, giving you control over your grip while holding and pouring.

The unusual (read: brilliant) bit about the Stagg is however on the top. Sitting like a crown jewel on the lid of the Stagg is a brew-range thermometer that allows you to prepare your brew with a great deal of control. Ultimately, that’s all we ever need, isn’t it?!

Designer: Fellow Design

Buy It Here: $69.00



Back that mass up. Stagg’s weighted handle shifts the center of mass closer to your hand for an easier pour.


A slow and steady pour wins the race. Stagg’s spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate.


The red range highlights optimal brew temperature between 195 and 205 degrees fahrenheit.