Because two hands are better than one


Knife-work can sometimes be a two handed affair. I’m a vegetarian, but I do watch my share of Masterchef to know that cutting through meat isn’t child’s play; especially the bone. What one’s instincts are, is to press down hard on the spine of the blade so as to force it to break through the bone. However, knife blades are thin and sharp, even on their back. Pressing down even on the back of a blade can hurt quite a bit, causing bruising and more importantly, prevent you from applying proper force. That’s where the Easy-Cut knife champions through. Its blade has a unique design, with a spine that’s made of a thicker plastic piece. This makes it much easier to use the knife, allowing your palm to comfortably apply pressure on the back of the knife without worrying about hurting yourself. Isn’t it just nice to see how a small modification in a design can vastly enhance a product’s experience?

The Easy-Cut knife won the Red Dot Design Award in its 2015 edition.

Designer: Huang Ko Ping