The Easy Lamp

Base, arm, light… these are the essentials of any desk lamp and this design has stuck to the basics to form one simple, easily transportable and charmingly minimal light source. The Easy Lamp’s elements are combined by simply fitting one into the other. Made of wood and a marble powder/resin compound the design is also as eco-friendly as it is easy to assemble and operate.

Designer: Bonaguro Giorgio


  • Shiverbrains says:

    Love the design but can you explain how marble and resin is eco-friendly??

    Marble is a non-renewable resource that requires an insane amount of environmental destruction (strip mining), labor and fuel resources. Resin IS plastic, also completely non-renewable, environmentally devastating and releases toxins during the production process.

    It would be possible to mitigate some of that destruction if you use industrial scrap marble powder from another industry but the result will still sit in a landfill for decades before leeching toxins into the air and water.

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