Gives ‘Packing Heat’ a new meaning


That, my friend, isn’t a thermos. Sure, it keeps your eatables warm… but it isn’t a thermos. The Wayv Adventurer is a Hand-held Microwave. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, the Wayv is actually a compact and portable thermos-shaped microwave for travelers! Its design makes it easy to carry, and the fact that it looks like a thermos gives a sense of portability, as opposed to conventional chunky, cuboid microwaves. Even portable stoves or grills seem like a pain in comparison to Wayv’s super sleek design. The device is a blessing for campers, given it doesn’t emit any fumes (no fire, right?) and can therefore be used in fire-ban areas too. The Wayv comes with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery packs that run for 30 minutes on a full charge. The battery packs can connect to car chargers, making life on the go an absolute breeze. The Wayv comes with a UI on the top that provides complete control over the device. The slim avatar doesn’t limit one’s ability to heat food. Un-packaged food items can be directly placed in the Wayv too. The Wayv’s inner lining can be removed and cleaned externally (it’s even dishwasher friendly!). On the whole, the Wayv makes a compelling case for campers who need to have access to hot food (we all do, don’t we?!) and at less than 1.5 kgs, the Wayv is easily the lightest microwave oven ever. Period!

Designer: WayvTech