Powerbeats Pro limited-edition collaborates with Melody Ehsani for witty messages

For the past couple of years, I’ve mostly been satisfied with the wireless earbuds that I have. They are minimalist and they do what needs to be done, which is to let me listen to my music, podcasts, and videos whenever I want to. Design-wise, they’re not much to talk about since they’re just basic and I’m not really looking for something that is pretty or fantastic. But of course, there are brands that aim to bring a little more to the aesthetics of these functional devices.

Designer: Melody Ehsani for Beats

Beats is one of those brands that do collaborations with designers and sometimes other brands. The latest one that they are bringing to the market is a limited-edition Powerbeats Pro that was designed by Los Angeles-based fashion designer Melody Ehsani. If you like colorful things with tongue-in-cheek messages, then this may appeal to you. She is not just known for being Foot Locker’s first female creative director but has collaborated with brands like Nike, Rebook, and celebrities like Serena Williams and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (side note, she’s married to RHCP guitarist Flea, if that interests you).

Her version of the Powerbeats Pro headphones, which she calls a “personal teleportation device”, are a pair of two-tone wireless earphones with ear hooks. The left one is colored navy blue and lime green while the right earphone has a color combination of coral and light pink. So obviously, if you like your devices to be monochromatic, this will not be for you. The earphones also have a cute graphic design saying “If you can read this, you’re too close” in Ehsani’s own handwriting.

Even the case of the earphones is pretty cool. The color is royal purple and it comes with these sentences in red: “Package contains immersive teleportation device. Will transport you to otherworldly dimensions. Personal space is needed for most effective results. Vibrate higher.” There seem to be some cute stickers included as well. It will be available on 11.11 at her website although it says “sold out” now in the product description.