A Knife Set Worth Killing For!

How would you like to own a knife set so exquisite and effective, they have their own place in the Royal Kitchen at the Buckingham Palace? The set of Chef’s Knives by Edge of Belgravia are said to be one of the best, and most preferred knife sets world over. The set comes with five knives, for five different applications. The knife blades are crafted out of Zirconium, a material only second to Diamond when it comes to toughness. The handles look mean and clean, and come in black and lime green (I did NOT intend to rap!)

It’s only deserving that these absolutely wicked set of blades have an appropriate throne for them. The Black Diamond stands out as a uniquely aesthetic knife block that shows off the knives in their entirety. Its roughly chiseled yet hollow design is perfect for knives that have no place in a dingy drawer, but rather deserve to be the absolute centerpiece of your kitchen!

Designer: Christian Bird

Buy It Here: $149.99 $478.00