A Revolutionary Radio!


The ONEMI Radio is a brilliant example of good design for social impact. Designed for ONEMI, Chile’s National Emergency Office, the radio is a brilliant way to ensure the safety of civilians during a natural calamity. Chile’s known for its seismic unrest, and probably the worst outcome of an earthquake is a state of chaos. The solution? A cheap, beautiful, portable, and effective radio that can allow the government to communicate with the national population, giving it proper advice during a state of emergency. The radio’s cardboard construction allows it to be folded so it can be stored (as well as distributed) easily. The solar panel on the back ensures that one doesn’t have to worry about charging the radio electrically.

It just goes to show that a good idea, backed by clever execution through design, can result in something that is beautiful, meaningful, and most importantly…helpful.

Designer: Shackleton Group