Wheelchair, meet 3D printing.


3D printing has really changed the way the medical industry functions. One shoe definitely doesn’t fit all, and 3D printing ensures that each patient gets a tailor-made medical solution. The latest medical device to jump aboard the 3D printing express, is the wheelchair. ‘Go’ by Layer Design in collaboration with Materialise is the result of a two year long endeavour to build a wheelchair that pushes the boundaries of medical functionality as well as design. The chair’s design is alterable based on the user’s biometric information, but it isn’t just that. The chair also lends itself to further customization based on user preferences.

The designers claim that the entire chair can be made ready within 2 weeks, which is a whole lot faster than the usual 6-8 week wait for the custom made wheelchairs in today’s market. Not to mention, the Go also boasts of a pretty high style quotient!

Designers: Layer Design & Materialise.