A new dispensing experience


Most water purifiers focus on technology, and a form that complements it, while looking advanced and fresh. The Super S water purifier does that, but also focuses on the interaction one has with the purifier. Not many people focus on this interaction because their prime concern is to get fresh purified water. However, a product with a good experience goes miles in becoming iconic, and setting standards for the society (look at the iPod or the Nest).

The Super S comes with a back-lit dispenser button that tells you what you need to know about the water by shining in four different colors. Blue and red for cold and hot water respectively, green for purified water, and orange for baby-safe water (which is temperature regulated, contains more minerals, etc.) The purifier even features a dispenser button for children, located on the lower side of the device, so that kids can easily access it. Clever, don’t you think?

Designers: Junyoung Hong & Jongsoo Kim.