Four reasons why the Smart Belt 3.0 is your perfect fit

Although my friends beg to differ, but I’ve always believed that a belt is the most important accessory in your closet. Not the cufflinks, nor the socks, or the tie … only the belt. If you think about it, it takes all of 3 seconds to make a first impression, and visually, the eye soaks in the face and appearance first, and after this you take in the detailing like the shoes, hair etc. With little to no attentions being paid to this accessory – in terms of innovations and inspiration – its endearing to know that there is a team out there, doing their bit and successfully bring us a magnificent Smart Belt 3.0.

In its third iteration, the hugely successful Smart Belt is the brainchild of Harmattan Design (Holt Evans & Radu Zarnescu), Kickstarter veterans. What I like about their work is that its cutting edge and incorporates four fundamental innovations, that make it better than the Gucci Belt that you want to show off. Check below the four reasons why you need to pick up a piece of history (as the most funded accessory).

Designer: Radu Zarnescu of Harmattan Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $118 (50% off).

The Smart Belt 3.0

See why 36,000 people have backed their Smart Belt, now at 3.0 with 4 distinct innovations!

Feature 1 – 32 Micro Adjustments

Replacing the 5 hole system with 32 adjustments brings a world of comfort and a whole new dimension of adjustability. Not many people think about it or realize it but, our waist changes as we go about our business throughout the day. A classic belt does not adjust correctly because holes are too far apart. Forget feeling tight or loose, you’ll forget you have a belt on but your pants will stay exactly where they’re supposed to.

Feature 2 – Kevlar Core

The Kevlar® Core built with Kevlar® fibres is the staple innovation. Belts wear out because the leather flexes longitudinally and loses structure. The Kevlar® Core prevents that from happening by reinforcing the whole structure like nothing else. It makes the whole thing highly durable yet light and comfortable. The team is the only licensee authorized by DuPont to make belts using the Kevlar brand.

Feature 3 – Italian Leather

The Leather used is the most exclusive leather anywhere in the world. Vegetable Tanning is almost a lost art. Because it takes longer to tan the leather with natural tannins it has been replaced by chromium tanning at the turn of the century. The team gets their leather from a small valley in Tuscany, Italy, one of the hand-full of places in the world where this is still done. It’s much more resilient that normal leather, it’s all natural, eco friendly and really smells good too. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number.

Feature 4 – DIY Sizes

Have you ever had a problem with a wrong size or buying a present for someone, ever been in between sizes? Not our Smart Belt 3.0. You will get to make your own size, so no chance of getting it wrong. The belt will cover a max. waist size of 115 cm / 45″.

For this year’s Smart Belt 3.0 the team has introduced a new type of leather finish that they call CROC.

A total of 36 possible combinations, you can get any!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $118 (50% off).