Construction with caution


Construction workers are pretty brave. Being able to perform the kind of tasks they perform, especially at those heights. It’s not an art, it’s sheer courage. I’ve shuddered at the thought of standing under scaffolding, I can only imagine what it feels like actually standing on top of it, balancing gingerly a hundred feet from the ground on a frail looking pipe structure. Scaffolding, as it is called, can be quite unpredictable. One weak link, or one gust of wind, and the entire thing can fall apart like dominoes. The Scaffolding Alert beacon is a pressure sensitive device that sits between pipes in a scaffolding structure. What it does is that it provides alerts when any part of the grid starts becoming weak. An alarm is instantly initiated when evacuation must be begun, so that no human life is lost in the eventuality of a mishap.

Designers: Chen Yu-Sheng & Liao Mei-Chih.