The one pen you won’t want to share


The Nautilus takes every boy’s billionaire fantasy of owning a yacht, and combines it with the symbol of a gentleman, the fountain pen. Fountain pens are built to be intimate products. Something that becomes a part of your personal statement, while also being something that keeps you engaged. Personally, it’s funny yet beautiful how we have one faction of the public moving towards design solutions that are fast-moving (even that app on your phone goes through a makeover with each update). But with stuff like fountain pens, timepieces, and other gentleman’s toys, the idea is to create something ornate, something perfect that stays just the way you bought it, for years at an end. And if something breaks, you fix it yourself, because you’re so emotionally attached to it.

The Nautilus’ design is classic in the sense that it forms a long-lasting bond with you. The design resembles a yacht (it isn’t easy to miss), and has a fluid organic characteristic to it, making it look both unique and desirable at the same time!

Designer: Mihir Gurjar