Looks sexy, keeps you healthy.


Inhalers are clunky. They look too medical, and they aren’t really pocket-friendly. Who needs to have that ‘L’ shape bulging out of their denim? No one! Bloom is a brilliantly sleek inhaler that’ll fit into any pocket. Its smart actuator design isn’t just convenient, it’s accident proof too, and extremely classy!

The design is made explicitly for convenience, but it has the potential of making a style statement, just like spectacles aren’t just vision correctional devices anymore. The bloom stores up to six pumps within its svelte steel enclosure, which can easily fit into wallets and pockets alike. The actuator needs lifting up in order for the pump to be used. This helps accidental spraying, given the Bloom’s limited dosage.

I personally have only good things to say about Bloom. Quite a few people end up using their inhaler at times of anxiety, and the inhaler’s inherently medical/clunky looking design isn’t a confidence booster. The Bloom takes care of that, making the inhaler inconspicuous in some situations, and shine through as a champion of medical product design in others!

Designer: James Cazzoli