The Waste-not-want-not Flower Pot

Designed for nature, and from nature, the Alphapot transforms food waste into a molded, modular planter. Its grave to cradle approach reduces waste by turning the food we throw away into a planter that can be used to grow plants, allowing the waste to serve a much nobler purpose.

Typical planters come made from either ceramic/terracotta, or plastic, neither of which are biodegradable. The Alphapot relies on a material derived from food waste, making it feel like plastic, but be a completely natural alternative. The food waste is broken down into a pulp, which is then dried, ground, and compressed into the shape of a planter. With a design that feels like a finished product, the Alphapot uses the same material that is grown within it (plants), creating an infinite loop that cuts down heavily on waste that would normally be dumped in a landfill and would decompose, producing tonnes of methane in the process.

The design of the Alphapot was the result of a very specific set of purposes too. Its square top was made to enable modularity, allowing you to create a row or even a farm of pots that would snap together to form a kitchen garden of sorts. The circular base conforms to more traditional pot-shapes, allowing the Alphapot to dock in stands or hanging apparatuses meant for plastic or ceramic/clay pots. The square rim of the planter also creates a dedicated space for a water reservoir that allows the plants to self-hydrate, pulling in water from the reservoir on their own, eliminating one’s need to manually water the plant day after day.

Made from compressed, dried food-waste, the Alphapot is biodegradable too, allowing you to use it as a planter, and directly place it into the soil when the plant begins growing big. Ridges on the base of the Alphapot increase surface area contact with the soil, accelerating the decomposition process, and since the Alphapot is made from food waste, it ends up enriching the soil with nutrients that feed the plant. Designed with a negative footprint and a positive impact, the Alphapot makes greenery even greener!

Designer: Bionicraft

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Made from food waste to grow nature, Alphapot is 100% biodegradable, 100% Food Waste Fiber+ Vege Starch + Emulsion, 0% plastic (PP, PET…) 0% bio-plastic (PLA), helping to reduce and repurpose food waste in a more beautiful way.







Any kind of waste created is a burden on our environment, putting a strain on already precious resources, including water, land, and energy.

We often take food for granted and never think twice about our consumption behaviors, but food waste in particular is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, as it typically ends up in landfills or is sent to incinerators, contributing to global warming and climate change. The vicious cycle that is created from the food that we waste each day is astonishing.



What if food waste could be turned into something useful? Bionicraft believe that more can be done with the food waste created.

Food waste is given a new life when sent to the repurposing factory instead of landfills or incinerators. After going through the processes of mixing, drying, and pressing, a new biodegradable material is born, transforming the vicious food waste cycle into a virtuous one.

100% Food Waste Fiber+ Vege Starch + Emulsion, 0% plastic (PP, PET…) 0% bio-plastic (PLA).



d Zero waste created and reducing food waste at the same time! Alphapot is their first step in turning waste into a resource, in using food waste as a material, they hope to let design and nature take care of your plants.


Alphapot is designed with a round base to hold a plant from a standard 4 inch pot, and the square opening feature allows for pots to be interconnected. The engravings around the base area of the pot enables Alphapot to decompose back into nature more efficiently.


Alphapot is designed to hold water in a corner reservoir of the pot and together with a wick system that extends into the reservoir, your plant will draw just the right amount of water needed to feed itself.

This self-watering system works for any type of plant, taking the worries off your shoulders and giving you the green thumb you’ve always wanted, just remember to keep the Alphapot reservoir full.



The name Alphapot is taken from the words “alpha – the first” and “alphabet – the basic elements in a system which combine to form complex entities.”

Each Alphapot is a basic element, designed with modularity, and can be combined together in endless ways to build an oasis for any kind of space. The more the merrier to create your personal garden.



Alphapot is made to be directly transplanted into the soil when your plant outgrows the pot, and since it is made from food waste, it is 100% biodegradable and becomes nutrients for your plant to grow as it breaks down in the soil. Taken from nature and returned to nature!


Click here to Buy Now: $28.00 $33.00 (16% off). Hurry, only 38 left!