Take that, Guitar Hero!


There are a lot of devices out there that claim to be able to teach you how to play a guitar. The truest thing however, is that only a guitar can teach you how to play a guitar. Pressing buttons or running your finger across a capacitive touch pad doesn’t provide an experience authentic enough to materialize into a guitar playing skill. The Jamstick is that hybrid made for experts as well as noobs. It’s exactly like a guitar in the sense that it has strings and frets in a layout that makes it feel completely like an actual guitar. It’s equally different from a guitar in the sense that it works in tandem with your smartphones, or computers to provide a seamless learning experience. It’s literally an instrument and a teacher in one package.

The Jamstick is what we refer to in musical parlance as a MIDI instrument. Think of a typewriter and a USB keyboard. The typewriter translates actual physical movement into a piece of text being typed on paper. A USB keyboard does that electrically, but it works only when paired with a computer. The computer is the brains behind the typing, actually, translating electrical signals into text. All the USB keyboard does is send out signals, and without a computer it really doesn’t do anything. The Jamstick is similar to the USB keyboard. It isn’t capable of playing its own music, but plug it to a computer or pair it with an app, and you’ve got music at your fingertips! As a musician, this gives you a great deal of freedom and control over your sound. You have the capacity to design your own app/sounds, rather than being stuck with the default presets. This ability to be a diligent tutor, as well as a tool/instrument with countless possibilities is what makes the Jamstick the best choice for guitar enthusiasts of any caliber!

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