These fall-proof earbuds were designed after scanning thousands of ears

Housed in a rather unusually designed case that makes optimal use of space, the G1 earbuds designed by Designest for Havit are a treat for the eyes and the ears. The IPX5 waterproof earphones come in a compact case that splits into two to reveal both earbuds stored in separate halves, connected by a vibrantly colored silicon piece that also transfers power between halves. The earphones boast a supremely ergonomic fit that the company claims was arrived at after scanning and measuring thousands of ears. The G1’s design features a twice-molded TPU body, to ensure the earbuds are absolutely water/sweat-resistant, anti-fall, anti-fingerprint, and wear-resistant.

Havit’s G1 headphones come with a convenient 3.5 hours of battery, while the 720mAh case is capable of topping them off as much as six times. The case wirelessly charges too, for extra convenience, and a pretty nifty LED on the top glows to let you know your buds’ batteries are being replenished.

Of course the G1 earphones are smart too. Built with one-touch control and even the ability to trigger your phone’s voice AI, the G1 are as good as flagship earphones from the best companies. Armed with 6mm titanium diaphragm speakers, the G1’s audio is crisp, clear, and fine-tuned to deliver a sound that replicates each frequency with near accuracy. Plus the fact that they’re waterproof and ergonomic enough to stay in your ear through an intense workout makes them just the perfect candidates!

Designer: Designest for Havit

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99 $79.99

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99 $79.99