The iPhone Theater Experience

Sure, the iPhone is capable of playing full-length movies… but what’s the point? Mr. Perfect isn’t so perfect when it comes to the right ergonomics for watching your favorite flicks. That’s where the iPhone Theater comes in. It’s a headphone/phone holder combo with a slightly steampunk aesthetic. I chuckled a little too… but it’s actually pretty awesome! I don’t care how many looks I get… I waaaaants it!

Designer: Mike Enayah


  • Matthias says:

    Where exactly would I wear this? At home where Ive got my TV and PCs? Or in Public where Id make myself look ridiculous with that Hunk on my Head?

    Besides – I somewhat doubt transporting this thing will be easy. A Touchpad with a pair of good headphones would do a better job.

  • Jack says:

    Just no.

  • lion says:

    good rendering but no it’s nothing jut a stupid idea so biiiiiiiiiig

  • lion says:

    problem with your neck

  • Hunter says:

    That Google Glass look terrible.
    But that Apple TV is pretty cool…

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