A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

As one designer to another, I’ll let you in on the real deal. Publicity is everything. No one cares how many awards you may have won. You just need to be able to turn heads with your work. Leonardo DiCaprio is a living example, isn’t he? I strongly believe that publicity can take you places, and truth be told, there’s no Design Awards program that will give you exposure and publicity like the A’ Design Awards and Competition.

Most design awards are held to judge works and award good designs and talented designers, therefore putting their seal of approval on worthy designs/designers. However, that’s where it ends too. Your award only gets you as far as the publicity/hype it generates. Which is why the people behind A’ Design built a Design Awards program specifically for ensuring that good design isn’t just awarded, it’s properly (and virally) showcased too.

The A’ Design Awards are back this year and if you’re reading this right now, you’re just one step from being not just a good designer, but a reputed designer too. Entries for this year’s Design Competition are open and you’ve got only till the 28th of February to register and nominate your designs. The A’ Design Awards are built to showcase design in its entirety; and with their diverse range of categories, you’re not going to feel left out. If anything, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Some of their top categories include Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Electronic Devices Design, Transportation Design, Medical Devices Design, Home Appliances Design and MANY more (Have a look here).

Once your designs are ready, they’ll be judged by a star-studded panel of 70 top designers from around the world (if that isn’t the best way to get your design noticed, I don’t know what is). Winners will be accredited with not just an award but also a massive PR Campaign, Yearbook entry, World Design Ranking inclusion (and MUCH more). Even participants are given due recognition by being included in the World Design Index, the Design Encyclopedia, and A’ Design’s Business Network, which is more than enough to cement your status as a designer with recognition. So what are you waiting for?! You’ve got just 20 days more to register and nominate your designs! Remember, having your design broadcasted to millions worldwide is the first and largest step to being a reputed designer; and the A’ Design Awards and Competition offer JUST that.

Below are a few of the many winners of last year’s A’ Design Awards, spread over the wide range of categories. We at Yanko sincerely hope their designs and their stories inspire you to be the best designer you can be!

Register Here for the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2016 : Deadline 28th February