Stay connected as you train!

Thanks to its highly advanced Android platform, Unity makes interaction intuitive, like a tablet, allowing the user to swipe, scroll and touch the elements on the screen. Users can not only monitor their training but view personalized content to access social networks and browse the web. Using Google Glass tech, users can also use voice commands to control and access all the unique functions of the equipment as well as receive feedback on the Glass display!

Unity pays particular attention to user constraints during training sessions. For this reason the size of the type is larger, and the color contrast is more emphatic; the keys were enlarged and moved to the side of the monitor where they are more accessible while running. The design is young and fresh thanks to the use of ample color fields that reflect the evolving scenario of operating systems for the most widespread mobile devices.

The expandable god and horizontal navigation within an infinite space allow access to a multiple of options: from pre programmed or customizable workout routines to a selection of fun and friendly exercises and even training records prepared by the user’s personal trainer. The interface is extremely flexible and any gym can choose how it wishes to configure the dashboard.

Designer: Studio Visuale