The Intelligent Lunchbox


Prepd Pack is an entirely new take on the humble lunchbox! More than just a container, it’s a smart system that not only considers how we eat lunch, but also the process of planning and preparation with the addition of a Prepd App. Slim and lightweight, it’s made from laser etched sustainable Bamboo, durable plastic and premium molded silicone, providing an elevated experience. The modular containers are made from a premium food safe material and can be put in freezer or the microwave. They are also totally leak-proof so users can feel safe taking their lunch to work, the gym, or outdoors.

The Prepd App allows users to browse ‘make at home’ recipes and meal plans created to fit the containers perfectly. The recipes are designed by nutritionists and chefs and can be cooked for multiple days quickly in one sitting by design. The app also outputs customized shopping lists that takes the guesswork out of what and how much to purchase, reducing food and packaging waste in the process.

The Prepd App automatically knows what users eat based upon the recipe that they’ve cooked and uses this data to quantify what has been consumed automatically. This data is visualized in the app to give meaningful feedback about the user’s diet. Integration with Health kit centralizes the information, storing the user’s health and fitness data in one place.

Designer: Will Matters & Chris Place