Pretty on the Outside, Party on the Inside


The latest from Hyperlien Yacht, this 46 footer, labelled as Modern Classic Gran Torino, was designed from the inside out! It takes unusual inspiration from the Batmobile from the movie Batman Begins, and allows the user to elevate or drop the furniture. When the driver lifts the steering wheel up, the sofa, table and liquor cabinet will rise up slowly from the floor. When the users would like to sunbathe or enjoy the scenery on the flybridge, they can simply press the steering wheel down, all the furniture will lower. This new design concept not only enables users to use the space in whatever way they like, but also protect all the hardware from the sun and rain.

As for the outside, the design has rough yet elegant hull lines, and the large area of wood veneer on the ship-side shows its classic and retro image. The appearance is characterized by the traditional sports car series in the 1970s, which combines classic and modern touches.

Designer: Hyperlien Yacht